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The Journal of Darren McGinnis - Outdoor Adventurer

Journal Entries: 
Darren's Bio    
June 2003       July 2003      August 2003    September 2003       October2003                                Arrival in Mexico

Hola everyone. I arrived in Puerto Vallarta. I left Brownsville, TX. Tuesday at 4pm and arrived here Wednesday at 4pm. The bus trip here was much better than any I have endured in the States or Canada. It cost $85 for an executive-first-class ticket. Unlike Greyhound, in Mexico they use brand new top of the line Volvo and Mercedes buses. They also have about half the seats that a Greyhound has so you can completely recline your seat...nice!! On top of all that luxury, they also have Spanish movies blaring at high volume to entertain you...the only bad thing about the trip.  Man, you sure get a different perspective of Mexico if you only go to the tourist resorts. We traveled through several large cities along the way and I was surprised by how nice and modern they were. There is construction everywhere and things really seem to be booming. The highway we traveled, was brand new and ten times better than any I have seen in the States or Canada. The traffic was minimal as well because there seems to be much less truck traffic than in the north. All the cars, trucks, and buses that are on the road all drive like the Duke boys mind you!! The scenery was spectacular, rivaling the Rocky Mountains in my opinion. Busing it in Mexico is very safe. Greyhound terminals in the States are all in the downtown cores of the big cities and are very dangerous. They simply drop you off and let all the crooks and criminals have at you. I have been to, at night, Manhattan, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis, and Kansas City recently and trust me, it is very scary and I do not scare easy. That being said, I was somewhat nervous about my two hour wait and transfer in Guadalajara because it is such a big city. Down here, all the bus terminals are in secure areas so they do not have all the problems such as in the north. I do not know why Greyhound cannot do the same. Last night, I splurged and got myself an expensive hotel room, $18/night. I went for a walk and met a Mexican named Hanseus who took me to look at a few apartments. My room seems cheap but it translates into almost $600/month for a room. I can get a studio with a full kitchen and bath here for half that. The first place was only $200/month but did not want Yoda who is still at my parents in Texas. I will go get her in a week or two. I was concerned about bringing her when I did not know where I was going or what I was doing. The second place was really nice at $350 but did not want the dog either. Funny, these Mexicans are really concerned about dogs messing up there beautiful, clean places, ha, ha!! The problem is that Mexicans all think of stray, dirty, starving, diseased, half breed, pit bulls when they think of a dog. Anyway, we are going to look at a few more places today so I will have no trouble finding one. We went for a beer or two after looking at the apartments and I was also offered a job selling time shares as well. I would have to get a haircut and shave a bit more though which sucks!! I am not sure if I will be a better "Liner or Closer", ha, ha!! Who am I kidding, I will kick ass at both!! While I am here, I also plan to check out kayaking The Sea of Cortez. I have read some books about it and it seems very exciting. There is internet access everywhere here so I should be checking my e-mail regular now. I will be here for 5 or 6 months so come visit and you have a place to stay, cheers, d.

Darren the Kayaker & Yoda the Pug.
1-380 Shuniah St.
Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada P7A 3A6






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